Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roses & Daisies

Have you ever wanted to get in your car, drive away, and leave everything behind? When a sudden tragedy changes the life of strong, dependable, Laurel Tanner, she gets in her car and travels across the Trans-Canada Highway. She tells no one that she’s left, or where she’s going. In fact, she’s not entirely sure herself why she’s doing it.

Her bewildered husband Douglas, and her telepathically connected twin brother, Lin, set out on a journey to find her and hopefully bring her home.Told with both sorrow and humor, through the eyes of seven different characters, this novel examines perceptions and relationships, and finds that often what we believe about ourselves, or another, may not be the truth.


Laurel - Beautiful and talented singer, Laurel, has always been there for everyone. But when tragedy happens to her, she can't cope, and so she runs away -- after eating a package of double chocolate chip cookie dough.

Linden - Laurel's twin brother. They have a telepathic connection which Lin uses to contact her and Laurel wishes he would stop using because it's driving her nuts.

Douglas - Laurel's bewildered husband. He doesn't know what to do. He's jealous of Lin who understands Laurel better and has that weird telepathic thing going on with her. And there is the question in the air -- was he the reason Laurel ran away?

Sharon - Laurel and Linden's widowed mother. Sharon loves her garden and it has always given her peace, but the tragedy which she feels responsible for has made her turn elsewhere for solace. And it started with the blackberries.

Margaret - Sharon's neighbor and confidant. After years of living next door to each other, Sharon is just discovering how wise frumpy Margaret is, and Margaret has her own secrets.

Olivia - Linden's wife. Sweet soft-spoken Olivia struggles with her jealousy towards perfect Laurel whom she loves and admires and wishes she could be more like.

Perry - Linden and Olivia's twelve-year old son. Perry is carrying around his own feelings of guilt about the tragedy. And since no one is telling him anything about what's going on, he has to find out for himself.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great book!!!!
i might have to go to the library & check it out! I love a good book!


your blog is great :)

Brittany said...

I just finished this book a few days ago. It was one of the best books I have read in along time. I felt connected with all of the characters and even found myself crying as I read. I loved it!